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 Protest: International art fair, London to highlight Husain's work

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PostSubject: Protest: International art fair, London to highlight Husain's work   Sat Mar 05, 2011 10:13 pm

Appeal to devout Hindus

The 20/21 International Art Fair is going to showcase Anti-Hindu painter M F Husain's paintings. The art fair will be held from 17 Feb to 20 Feb 2011. All Hindus should protest lawfully against International Art Fair so that it should not exhibit paintings by Anti-Hindu and Anti-Indian painter M F Husain, who has drawn nude paintings of Hindu Deities

Negative Response of Art fair organisers to a devout Hindu

Mr. Milind Khare, a devout Hindu and HJS member from UK called Ms. Gay Hutson on 19th February requesting to withdraw M.F Husain's art work from the Art Fair. She said she received the e-mail from HJS. She said that she understands our views and sympathises with us. But she refused to take down M F Husain's picture as she said that the picture is neutral and doesn't hurt anyone.

Protest letter by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti


Gay Hutson
T: 020 8742 1611
F: 020 8995 5094

Dear Sir,

Subject: Request to withdraw M F Husain’s art at London art fair.
This refers to a news article about display of M F Husain’s artwork International art fair in London from Feb 17-20, published in Times Of India.

We would like to bring to your notice that MF Hussain has hurt the Religious and National sentiments of crores of Hindus and Indians through his blasphemous paintings of Hindu deities and Bharat Mata (Mother India). This has resulted in promoting enmity between different religious groups and disturbing National integrity and harmony. He has been accused of committing offenses under section 2 of the prevention of Insults to National Honour Act. The court cases are still pending.

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti is a registered NGO doing social, religious and National welfare work. Devoted Hindus doing voluntary charitable work have formed this Samiti. Samiti is active throughout India and educating people about Dharma in scientific way, campaigning against malpractices done under religious practices and solving problems connected with National, Religious and social field. We strongly object to the exhibition and sale of rrt works of such an ‘Anti – National’ and ‘Anti – Hindu’ M.F.Husain.

In view of the above, various organisations and Indian citizens are not keen on any exhibition, distribution or sale of any of the paintings of M.F. Husain. A long list of such past incidents can be seen on our website at. http://www.hindujagruti.org/activities/campaigns/national/mfhussain-campaign/
(e.g. removal of Husain’s paintings from ABN Amro Bank's Credit Card, NGO Khushi's auction of 6 crores of rupees painting, Tao Art Gallery, India International Trade Center (New Delhi) etc.)

In spite of this, if you exhibit or auction M.F.Husain's paintings, it will amount not only to glorifying an accused person but also further hurting religious sentiments of Hindus and National sentiments of Indians. Your action of including of M.F.Husain's prints/paintings cannot be fulfilled at the cost of National Honour and one's religious beliefs. In fact Husain has also not spared animals as he has depicted his cruelty and perversion towards animals by drawing pictures of sexual union between animals and Hindu Goddess and human beings. E.g. He has drawn a painting showing a bull copulating with Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva watching, another painting shows Hindu Goddess Durgadevi in sexual union with Lion.

We are approaching you to request you to withdraw M.F.Husain's work from this sale and exhibition and honour the National sentiments of Indians and religious sentiments of Hindus.

Please acknowledge the receipt of this letter and action taken in the matter.

Yours Truly,

S.G. Vatkar

093 22 533 595
For Hindu Janajagruti Samiti,
Coordinator, Mumbai Region.India
News published in Times of India

Here is another example of another glorification of Anti-Hindu painter M F Husain by Indian Media !

London: A six-foot abstract composition by Husain, known as the "Picasso of India", depicting human figures cavorting in a woodland, richly textured and intricately executed, will be on sale at the fair.

The work painted by the artist during the 1970s, when his works were much sought for their complex and colourful texture, is priced 180,000 pounds while a smaller canvas is estimated at 120,000 pounds.

The artworks have been donated by Tanya Baxter of the King's Road Gallery, a statement issued by the fair, said Wednesday.

A fair's spokesperson said the "Husain canvases" were attracting attention from buyers and generating interest among the "emerging generations of contemporary artists for its rich textures".

The response to the exhibits is "crucial to the morale of the 95-year-old artist", three of whose large canvases were removed from Indian Art Summit 2011 following security threats, said a source close to Husain.

Husain, now a citizen of Doha, left India in 2006 on a self-imposed exile after right wing Hindu extremists moved court against him for "depicting Hindu gods and goddesses" in "an objectionable manner". One of his compositions, Bharat Mata (Mother India), in which he depicted India has a "nude women" also courted controversy and allegedly "hurt sentiments of the Hindus".

Husain, a part of the Mumbai Progressive Group of artists in 1947, celebrated his 95th birthday in Doha by creating giant Murano glass horses, which were displayed on the streets along with the artist's personal fleet of fast cars.

The art fair will officially open Thursday at the Royal College of Art at Kensington Gore in London. It will be inaugurated by Simon Jenkins.

Other artists exhibiting at the fair include Pawel Pyrz, Anthony Green, Kasia Kamita, Anthony Murphy, Jean Marchard, Peter Blake, Rob Ryan, Maria Rivans, Jim Dine, Roger Hilton, Romyn and Emiko Aida.

In its fifth year, the fair has drawn 60 exhibitors mostly from Britain who have offered contemporary art from countries as diverse India, China, Japan and Russia. The prices range from a few hundred pounds to 100,000 pounds.

Another artwork of exceptional significance is a sketch by Pablo Picasso of a street in Madrid drawn by the artist when he lived in the city at the age of 20. Depicting pimps and prostitutes, it was originally part of Picasso's "Carnet 96" sketchbook and is on sale for 65,000 pounds.

Ninety-eight year old Japanese artist Toko Shinoda, who began as a calligrapher at the age of six, is now regarded as one of Japan's greatest living painters. She is represented by London's Hanga Ten Gallery and her series of abstract lithographs are priced 3,000 pounds.

The range of art to be exhibited at the fair includes oil compositions, original prints, water colours, drawings, collage photography and sculptures covering a period of 110 years from 1900 to 2010.

The fair is organised by Hay Hutson and Angela Wynn. Hutson said judging from the number of visitors reported at the recent London fairs, "interest in art is on the rise".

In an uncertain economic climate with low interest rates, many investors are pumping money in art because it "brings them aesthetic satisfaction everyday besides the investment value of art", the organisers said.

"People may not be moving house but there is always room for another well-priced picture," Hutson said. Recent researches have shown that society in the UK is now more cosmopolitan than ever, he said.

"Each year it gets better and better - both dealers and visitors really like the variety of art on offer, the accessible price range, the manageable size and, most importantly, the friendly atmosphere," Hutson said.

Source: TOI
Protest Letters by Devout Hindus

1) Protest by Mr. Mahesh Patel, a devout Hindu

From: Mahesh Patel
Date: Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 9:31 AM
Subject: pseudo secular and anti hindu M.F. Hussains painting be burnt and should not be allowed to go for exhibition.
To: info@20-21intartfair.com

Dear organiser

We strongly protest your idea to exhibit paintings of pseudo secular and always anti Hindu old monkey named M.F.Hussain. If you allow this exhibition, then you will be doing at your own risk and will have to face serious conseques.This may be seriously noted. you would be encouraging and sreading anti hindu elements!

Mr. Mahesh A. Patel- Mumbai.

2) Protest E-mail by Mr. Savarkar, a devout Hindu

From: savarkar vinayak
Date: Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 10:11 PM
Subject: Exhibiting M F Husain's Art
To: info@20-21intartfair.com

Mr. Gay Hutson
International Art Fair
Dear Mr. Gay Hutson

I write today to draw your attaention about the Exhibition taking place at International Art Fair from 17-20 Feb, 2011. The exhibition is also to include M F Hussain's art.

M F Hussain's art have contravene the human values and he has ignored the sentiments of the Hindus and India by drawing pictures those are blasphemous and deities showing expicit contact. We Hindus take exception to this and exhibiting here in London do not promote high standards of this nation. I therefore, kindly ask you to remove these painting from the exhibition.

Thanking you in advance.

3) Protest E-mail by Mr. Ranjeet Singh, a devout Hindu

From: ranjeet singh
To: info@20-21intartfair.com
Sent: Sat, 19 February, 2011 13:15:00
Subject: The Protest on exhibiting M F Husain's paintings.

Dear Mr. Gay Hutson,

I Fully and most forcefully support the protest submitted by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti on exhibition of paintings of MF Husain. An immediate and urgent action needs to be taken.

Dr. Ranjeet Singh. UK.
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Protest: International art fair, London to highlight Husain's work
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